Writing Regular Expressions

Discover the power of regular expressions and learn the basics of writing Regex.

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Core Python


43 minutes


Regular Expressions: Optional Matching and Findall()

Learn to match optional characters and find multiple instances of a pattern in Regex.

9 min

Regular Expressions: Regex Objects and Grouping

Understand what regular expressions are and start writing your own Regex.

11 min

Regular Expressions: Case-Insensitive Matching and Substitutions

Learn about matching characters when casing does not matter and substitutions in Regex.

7 min

Regular Expressions: Greedy and Non-Greedy Matching

Understand what greedy and non-greedy matching means and how to handle them in Regex.

7 min

Regular Expressions: Character Classes and the Caret/Dollar Characters

Learning about character classes and matching the first and last character positions of strings.

11 min