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Have you already taken a Python course and are now left wondering how you can apply these skills to something tangible?

Are you looking to stand out from your peers in the job application process and showcase your skills to future employers?

Do you want to be able to build Python projects but they seem daunting and you have no idea where to start?

Have you always been curious on how to bring your ideas to life, but never figured out how to achieve that?

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The Codex has helped hundreds of students find jobs and build their dream projects.

“For the first time in my life I’ve found a platform that can keep me engaged for more than 5 minutes. Project on The Codex are entertaining, informative, and more valuable than the countless hours of lectures I watched at 2x speed in school.”

Maddie Wilson

University of Toronto, 2023

“CS classes at UW were overwhelming and full of theory. Through The Codex, I realized the power of Python programming, built numerous projects for my resume and ultimately landed an internship at Amazon.“

Arjun Malhotra

University of Washington, 2022
SDE Internship, Amazon

“I saw my friends building dope projects at hackathons. My CS classes taught how to add items to a linked list, but not how to convert my ideas to actual applications. What started as a simple Python Weather dashboard on The Codex transformed into the Best DS/AI project at SunHacks.

Brandon Wang

UC Berkeley, 2024
Two-time hackathon winner

Hey! I’m Avi, and I’ll teach you how to build!

I'm Avi, your new Python instructor and founder of The Codex.

Three years ago I was stuck. I wasn’t learning anything in my theory-filled CS classes, my friends took pictures of me sleeping in lecture, and I was questioning why I was even learning CS to begin with. I had ideas but I was clueless on execution.

After watching hours of webcasted YouTube videos, enrolling in course after course, and struggling to stay motivated, I finally obtained the skills to bring my ideas to life. I realized how lonely and gruesome this process was.

If you’re a student just like me, you know exactly what it’s like to be stuck in course hell. The best programmers of today learned by doing, not by reading syntax in a textbook.

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