Taking our Git Skills one step further

Here you'll ascend to the next level of mastery with Git and GitHub and come across topics such as Git Checkout, Stashes and Rebase and learn how to deal with new situations and conflicts that may arise.

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Git and GitHub


37 minutes


Creating Branches locally with Git Checkout

Learn the uses of Git checkout, a tool that works hand-in-hand with git branch .

7 min

Initializing Git in a local repository

Learn how to use git init and set up a new repository that is created locally.

5 min

Squashing commits with Git Rebase

Learn how to take a series of commits and squash them down into a single commit with the GitHub interactive rebasing tool.

6 min

Learning how to locally merge branches

Learn how to merge separate GitHub branches, another essential skill for collaboration and reproducible code.

6 min

Stashing commits with Git Stash

Start learning how to clean and organize your GitHub with the git stash command which takes your uncommitted changes and saves them away for later use.

7 min

Dealing with Merge Conflicts

While Git can automatically handle most issues when merging two separate branches, learn how to tackle some conflicts directly using the CLI or other methods.

8 min