Selenium Browser Automation and Navigation

Learn how to automate and navigate any browser with Selenium! We'll cover how to click on different elements, enter text into fields, select dropdown options and more.

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28 minutes


ActionChains with Dragging and Dropping

Learn how to automate action chains by dragging and dropping gestures on a web page with Selenium.

6 min

Solution: Automating Facebook Signup

The answer to our challenge - learn how to automate signing up to Facebook on a web page with Selenium.

10 min

Selecting Dropdown Options

Learn how to automate selecting dropdown options on a web page with Selenium.

6 min

Challenge: Automating Facebook Signup

Here's a fun challenge - Can you automate the signup flow on Facebook's website? Let's dive into the problem.

2 min

Entering Text into Input Fields

Learn how to automate entering text into input fields on a web page with Selenium.

5 min

Click Interaction with a Web page

Learn how to automate clicking on HTML elements on a web page with Selenium.

2 min