Python and MySQL

Learn how Python and SQL, a database query language, can interact and be used for various data analysis uses.

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40 minutes


Getting Started with MySQL

Get started with MySQL, set up your very own MySQL database and then connect to it with Python.

6 min

Updating Entries and Limiting Queries

This video will cover updating entries in our MySQL Database as well as limiting the number of entries we get back from a query.

6 min

Populating our Database and Table

This video will cover populating our database and table in MySQL with Python. We'll understand how to execute SQL commands to push single and multiple sets of data.

7 min

Deleting Entries and Dropping Tables

This video will cover how to delete entries from your table and drop tables from your database for further data manipulation.

4 min

Creating our Database and Table

This video will cover learning how to create our own database with Python and then create our first table inside the database.

7 min

Selecting and Getting Data

This video will cover selecting and getting data from our table in MySQL using SQL terms in Python syntax.

4 min

Ordering Queries and Results

This video will cover how to quickly order our queries utilizing Python and SQL commands.

3 min

Query Conditions with WHERE and Wildcards

This video will cover making more advanced queries in Python utilizing the WHERE condition in SQL as well as Wildcards in our queries.

7 min