Introduction to Git and GitHub

Get an introduction to GitHub, a place for the hosting for software development allowing for collaboration between developers and version control using the Git tool.

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Git and GitHub


39 minutes


Understanding GitHub Issues

GitHub is great but there are several issues that you might come across. Get an idea of what you might face and how to fix it.

7 min

StackOverflow is your best friend :)

Every programmer will probably end up on StackOverflow, an online Q&A community, once in their lifetime. Understand why the trips are worth it.

2 min

Creating Repositories and Commits

Learn how to create repositories of your code and execute "commits" which are revisions or individual changes to your code/files that will be tracked and saved.

8 min

What are GitHub Branches?

Understand how to use and create a GitHub branch, which is particular set of changes to your code with a specific name or designation.

10 min

Understanding Forks and Pull Requests

Begin your understanding of Forks and Pull Requests, additional tools in GitHub. Forks can be thought of as bridges between the original repo and your personal copy of it. Pull Requests can be sent to...

9 min

What is Git and GitHub?

Get the million dollar question answered here: What is GitHub and why does every programmer talk about it?

5 min