Creating and Customizing Graphs with MatPlotLib

Learn the basics of MatPlotLib and start creating and customizing beautiful graphs.

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Data Visualization


57 minutes


More Color Customization

Learn to customize the background and axis color of your graphs.

6 min

Color Customization

Discover how to customize the colors of your graphs with MatPlotLib.

4 min

More Styling with Plot()

Learn about key attributes of the Plot function to further customize your graphs' colors, lines, and markers.

5 min

Adding Labels and Titles

Learn how to add labels and titles to our charts.

3 min

Line and Marker Customization

Understand how to customize the liners and markers on your graphs with MatPlotLib.

5 min

Multiple Figures in a Graph

Understand how to create multiple charts in the same view with MatPlotLib.

7 min

Adding Data with NumPy

Understand the range function from NumPy.

4 min

Displaying Gridlines and Axes

Find out how to create gridlines and axes to make your graphs clearer.

5 min

Introduction to MatPlotLib

Get started with MatPlotLib is and create your first graph.

6 min

Creating a Legend

Learn how to create a legend for your graphs.

6 min

Understanding the MatPlotLib Interface

Learn about the layout of graphs and how you can use functions to make your graphs more visually appealing.

5 min

Adding Multiple Graphs

Learn to add multiple lines to our graph and use the range function to plot points easily.

8 min