Fundamental concepts which can help you on your journey.

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Get an introduction to GitHub, a place for the hosting for software development allowing for collaboration between developers and version control using the Git tool.

Git and GitHub
Python and MySQL

Learn how Python and SQL, a database query language, can interact and be used for various data analysis uses.

Basic Introduction to Selenium

Learn about what Selenium is and how you can use it to automate web browser testing.

Creating Your First Django App!

Learn how to use the Django web framework and the associated code tactics to build your own simple poll web application.

Introduction To Python Programming

A series of Python Tutorials covering all the basics of Python programming. We'll cover everything from the basics of python, variables and loops, to File I/O and functions!

Core Python
Using the Canvas in Tkinter

Learn how to use the Canvas for shapes, colors, and objects with Tkinter and Python.

Excel Automation with OpenPyXL

Learn how to read, write and manipulate Excel files with Python with the OpenPyXL module.

Taking our Git Skills one step further

Here you'll ascend to the next level of mastery with Git and GitHub and come across topics such as Git Checkout, Stashes and Rebase and learn how to deal with new situations and conflicts that may arise.

Git and GitHub
LangChain for Beginners (OpenAI / LLMOps)

Learn how to build LLM-powered Python applications with LangChain and OpenAI, with core concepts like chains, agents, and memory.

Creating and Customizing Graphs with MatPlotLib

Learn the basics of MatPlotLib and start creating and customizing beautiful graphs.

Data Visualization
Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup

Learn how to scrape websites for content using Beautiful Soup.

Python and Flask: Web Development From Scratch

In this topic, we'll cover all the basics of Python and Flask, including Jinja, inheritance, and web forms.

Creating and Manipulating Charts with MatPlotLib

This topic covers everything you need to know about creating a variety of 2D and 3D charts with MatPlotLib.

Data Visualization
File Input and Output in Python

Learn everything about file input and output with Python. We'll cover how to read and write to files, copy and move them to different locations and finally deleting them.

File Automation
Java Programming for Beginners

Learn all the basics of Java programming. We'll cover everything from variables and conditional statements, to functions and object-oriented programming.

Debugging in Python

Learn how to use exceptions, assertions, and other statements to debug and fix errors in your Python code.

Core Python
Writing Regular Expressions

Discover the power of regular expressions and learn the basics of writing Regex.

Core Python
Tkinter GUI and Gaming Introduction

Learn how to build a Tkinter GUI with labels, buttons, layouts, and entries. This topic give you the foundation to build your ideas using the Tkinter Python GUI.

Building a Calculator in Tkinter

Learn how to build a simple, but fully-functional calculator app with Tkinter.

Creating the Bounce Game with Tkinter

Learn how to create a bounce game where a user has to bounce a ball on a paddle for as long as possible.

Creating the Pong Game with Tkinter

Learn how to build a two player air hockey game with point tracking using the Python GUI using the Tkinter Module.

HTML Web Scraping with Selenium

Learn the basics of Selenium browser automation by parsing and scraping the DOM of any HTML Webpage. We'll cover how to search for different HTML elements through various functions.

Manipulating and Automating Word Documents

Learn how to read, create, and manipulate Word Documents with Python. We'll cover reading and writing to Word documents to help automate your tedious work!

File Automation
Selenium Waits - Implicit & Explicit

Learn all about Waits in Selenium - how to pause interactions on a web page implicitly and explicitly with Selenium and Python.

Threading and Scheduling

Learn to utilize threading and scheduling in Python to create faster programs.

Core Python
Using Git on the Command Line

Learn how to use the Git tool (the version-control system for tracking changes in any set of files) directly on your computer's command line interface.

Git and GitHub
Selenium Browser Automation and Navigation

Learn how to automate and navigate any browser with Selenium! We'll cover how to click on different elements, enter text into fields, select dropdown options and more.