Weather API Dashboard with Python and Flask

Build a Weather Dashboard in Flask that takes in a Zip Code, crawls the OpenWeatherMap API and returns the results to the user!

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Weather API Dashboard with Python and Flask demo




48 minutes




This project is a beginner-friendly web application focused on building a Flask App that will take a Zip Code provided by the user and get the Weather of that location. We'll learn how to use the Requests module in Python, parse the JSON returned from the Weather API and render the dashboard and results in Flask. This project is particularly special to me because it's the first project I ever built when learning how to code. Let's dive right in!

Project Tasks

Welcome to the project!

2 min

Combining our API with the Front-End

Tieing together the front-end and back-end functionalities of our weather dashboard.

11 min

Building our basic Flask Website

Building an interface in Flask to retrieve the user's zip code for the weather dashboard.

12 min

Styling our Dashboard + Final Touches

Finalizing our weather dashboard and making it more visually appealing with CSS.

13 min

Calling and Parsing the Weather API

Creating our API account and calling the weather API to gather data for our project.

13 min