Celebrity Tweet Analysis and Visualization

Parse any celebrity's tweets from their Twitter Account with Tweepy, apply sentiment analysis, and visualize common patterns in their Tweets! We chose Donald Trump when we built the project, but due to his account suspension, change Trump to any celebrity!

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Celebrity Tweet Analysis and Visualization demo


Data Visualization
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35 minutes




This project is a beginner-friendly Python and Data Science application focused on using the Tweepy module to parse, analyze and visualize Donald Trump’s tweets. We’ll get a list of all of his latest tweets, create a data frame and build visualizations on number of likes, sentiment analysis of his tweets and finally a word map on the common words he uses.

Project Tasks

Welcome to the project!

2 min

Setting up Twitter Authentication with Tweepy

We will be setting up Twitter authentication for get the information needed for the rest of the project.

8 min

Analyzing and Visualizing Tweet Sentiment

Applying sentiment analysis on daily Tweets using Vader sentiment intensity analyzer function.

9 min

Generating a Word Cloud of Common Words

Creating a Word Cloud to visualize the most common words in Tweets.

6 min

Visualizing Number of Likes Per Tweet

Plotting a histogram of the number of likes across our Celebrity's Tweets.

5 min

Creating our Tweet DataFrame

Creating the DataFrame from Twitter data to be parsed later on in this project.

8 min