Just Getting Started with Python

New to Python? This pathway will cover the basics of Python programming and help you build a couple of cool projects along the way. By the end of this pathway, create 3 beginner-friendly projects such as speech recognition with Python and analyzing stock news to showcase your Python skills.

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3 Complete Projects


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What to Take

1. Introduction To Python Programming

A series of Python Tutorials covering all the basics of Python programming. We'll cover everything from the basics of python, variables and loops, to File I/O and functions!

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2. Speech Recognition with Python and Flask

Build a Speech-to-Text Transcription Service on audio file uploads with Python and Flask using the SpeechRecognition module!

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3. File Input and Output in Python

Learn everything about file input and output with Python. We'll cover how to read and write to files, copy and move them to different locations and finally deleting them.

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4. Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup

Learn how to scrape websites for content using Beautiful Soup.

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5. Sentiment Analysis of Stock News

Build a Python Scraper to gather news headlines on common stocks, apply sentiment analysis on the headlines and visualize the results!

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6. Visualizing COVID-19 with Pandas & MatPlotLib

Learn how to analyze and visualize COVID-19 Data with 4 complete graphs to track our insights as we build charts together.

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This Pathway Is Perfect for You If...

You are a beginner to Python programming or want a refresher on the basics of Python

You are sick of watching countless hours of lectures and want to build real, practical projects

You want to gain a strong foundation in Python programming by practicing concepts like Flask, BeautifulSoup, and MatPlotLib


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