Tailored roadmaps to building the skills you need.

Just Getting Started with Python

New to Python? This pathway will cover the basics of Python programming and help you build a couple of cool projects along the way. By the end of this pathway, create 3 beginner-friendly projects such as speech recognition with Python and analyzing stock news to showcase your Python skills.

File Automation
Core Python
Web Scraping
The Python Automator

Ever wondered how to automate the boring stuff in your life? This pathway will teach you all about Python automation. We'll cover web browser automation with Selenium and web scraping with BeautifulSoup by building 3 complete projects.

Web Scraping
Browser Automation
The Python Predictor

Let's break down the hottest growing field in Python - machine learning. This pathway will cover 3 fun projects teaching you the basics of machine learning and creating models. We'll cover linear regression, logistic regression and Markov chains to predict everything from song lyrics to handwritten digits.

Machine Learning
Markov Chains
The Python Visualizer

Take the power of Data Science in your own hands. This pathway will teach you everything you need to know about Python visualization. We'll cover how to create charts and graph with MatPlotLib and build platforms to visualize them!

Data Visualization
The Python Web Builder

Ever wondered how to build web applications with Python? This Pathway will teach you everything you need to know about Flask, Python's beginner-friendly web framework. We'll build 4 complete projects around creative ideas like generating song lyrics and your own weather dashboard with APIs!

Web Scraping