Using the Canvas in Tkinter

Learn how to use the Canvas for shapes, colors, and objects with Tkinter and Python.

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39 minutes


An Introduction to Canvas

In this video, you'll learn about the concept of Canvas and the graphics state to create objects, add colors, shapes, and rich graphics in our window.

7 min

Creating a Random Rectangle Generator

We'll create a random rectangle generator where a user can specify how many rectangles they want to generate with a different width and height. Be sure to try randomizing rectangle colors for extra pr...

7 min

Adding Canvas Objects

In this video, we'll experiment with using the canvas to create a line and a polygon.

6 min

Utilizing the Canvas Fill

We'll learn how to utilize functions to pass in parameters, specify X and Y coordinates to create rectangles and other shapes as well as filling to experiment with colors.

5 min

Adding Animations

In this video, we'll learn about animations, a core concept of gaming and stellar GUIs, by using the time module.

7 min

Adding Text and Arcs

We'll learn how to add an arc or a curved line on the screen and change fonts, colors, and size.

9 min