Creating Your First Django App!

Learn how to use the Django web framework and the associated code tactics to build your own simple poll web application.

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108 minutes


Adding Features to our Polling View

Add more features to the questions in your detail view.

12 min

Creating Detailed Django Views

For the next steps of webpage display, You will begin to create new, different views (detailed, results etc).

11 min

Creating Views and Routes in Django

You will learn how to create a URL and show some content and data on your working Django webpage.

7 min

Initializing and Creating our Django Models

Beginning with the auto-generated Django code for a new project, you will begin to create a database for your application.

9 min

Using Jinja2 with Django Templates

Begin to add some functionality to your webpage using the Jinja2 which connects your Python code to HTML commands.

14 min

Adding Bootstrap to Django + Final Touches

Learn how to use the Bootstrap framework on your web app which will allow you to create responsible, mobile projects.

12 min

Populating our Django Database

In this video, you will populate your polling database using the Django shell and Django admin page.

10 min

Styling Django Pages with CSS

Learn about CSS and how to incorporate it to your Django application.

13 min

Getting Started with Django

In this video, you will learn how to get the requirements and create a basic Django project on your way to building a simple poll application.

8 min

Adding a Voting Option for Results

Continue adding functionality to your Django app by adding a voting option and a way to view results on the webpage.

16 min