The Python Visualizer

Take the power of Data Science in your own hands. This pathway will teach you everything you need to know about Python visualization. We'll cover how to create charts and graph with MatPlotLib and build platforms to visualize them!

Data Visualization



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What to Take

1. Creating and Customizing Graphs with MatPlotLib

Learn the basics of MatPlotLib and start creating and customizing beautiful graphs.

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2. Creating and Manipulating Charts with MatPlotLib

This topic covers everything you need to know about creating a variety of 2D and 3D charts with MatPlotLib.

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3. Visualizing COVID-19 with Pandas & MatPlotLib

Learn how to analyze and visualize COVID-19 Data with 4 complete graphs to track our insights as we build charts together.

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4. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Visualization

Build and publish an interactive Plotly chart for Bitcoin Prices by pulling and caching data from multiple exchanges using Quandl!

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5. Celebrity Tweet Analysis and Visualization

Parse any celebrity's tweets from their Twitter Account with Tweepy, apply sentiment analysis, and visualize common patterns in their Tweets! We chose Donald Trump when we built the project, but due to his account suspension, change Trump to any celebrity!

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This Pathway Is Perfect for You If...

You want to understand how to leverage data science and create practical projects to visualize data

You're looking to gain a strong foundation of data science and add concepts like visualization, MatPlotLib, and Pandas to your skill set

You want to know how powerful data can be by getting hands-on experience building projects


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